YOTD ~ Supta Baddha Konasana

**Reclining Bound Angel pose
Sanskrit ~ Supta Baddha Konasana**

This Restorative posture is great to do at the beginning or ending of a practice. My models (my lil ladies 😁) are using props to help open up the heart space, but this pose (asana) can be taken directly on back. The pillow is supported by blocks right underneath with the chakra blanket over top of the pillow. The models relax in this pose as they extend their arms out to rest on the floor. Their sacrum right at the bottom of surface or start of pillow and soles of the feet come to touch.

**Benefits of this asana
💛Stimulates abdominal organs~ increase blood circulation in lower abdomen. Can improve digestion.
💚Stretches the heart and improves general circulation
❤️Creates flexibility in the inner thighs, groins and stretches the knees
💙Helps relieve the symptoms of stress, mild depression, menstruation and menopause.
💜Calms the nervous system

**this pose can also be done at the start or end of you day or whenever you just feel like doing it.